E-Flo SP Electric Pump & Supply Systems

The E-Flo SP electric supply pump is designed for industrial and automotive sealant and adhesive application. This advanced pump will drastically increase efficiency, improve system control capabilities, optimise process performance, and provide critical performance data.

    • Improve process and system performance
    • Advanced material control
    • Significant energy savings
    • Eliminate compressed air usage
    • Extremely quiet motor
    • Prevent downtime
    • Lower maintenance costs
For industrial sealant and adhesive applications, Graco Electric Pumps and Supply Systems improve process performance, prevent downtime, reduce maintenance costs and increase electrical efficiency. E-Flo SP electric supply pumps are powered by an electric driver which provides real-time, integrated, closed-loop flow control. Trials have proven that the Graco solution provides superior performance and efficiency when compared to pneumatic supply pumps in constant pressure systems. The Graco E-Flo SP enables the evolution of control strategies from constant-pressure to variable-flow. This revolutionary electric supply pump technology can be coupled with our Precision Continuous Flow (PCF) to provide real-time, closed-loop flow control.

Save Energy

More efficient than pneumatic, constant pressure systems

Prevent Downtime

The E-Flo SP lets users know how much work has been done by the pump, preventing unplanned maintenance

Lower Maintenance Costs

Coordinate multiple pump loads to evenly distribute load and reduce wear

Improve Quality

Smooth, rapid changeovers and consistent flow

Improve Work Environment

Quiet electric motor

Energy Efficiency

The E-Flo SP provides the ability to impact process performance through a tighter control of the pump pressure and material flow rate. With real-time flow control strategies, systems can be designed and controlled to deliver only the energy that is required for the application process.

In addition to drastically increasing efficiency, these advanced control strategies also optimize process performance, reduce system downtime, and decrease total operating costs.