Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

An AODD pump moves fluid by the alternate and repeated back-and-forth movement (strokes) of two flexible membranes or diaphragms mounted on a common shaft. Although diaphragm pumps can be driven directly, with the shaft connected directly to a motor, an AODD pump uses compressed air with a sophisticated distribution system directing the air alternately to two air chambers on the opposite sides of the diaphragms.

AODD pumps are generally used for transfer applications and can handle a wide variety of products including sludges, slurries, abrasive and shear sensitive fluids. Although they are robust, reliable and easy to maintain they can be noisy, prone to icing, and are limited to low pressure applications.

Electric Diaphragm Pumps

Designed to meet the growing demand for clean energy and sustainable technologies, QUANTM is the world’s first (and only) affordable electric-operated double diaphragm (EODD) pump built to minimise energy consumption by cutting energy usage and costs by up to 80%. Innovative, new FluxCore motors and drives provide up to 8 times more continuous torque at low speeds while minimising size and resistance losses. These revolutionary pumps are easy to clean, simple to maintain and require less energy to operate—providing a lower cost of ownership. Graco’s seal-less and self-priming diaphragm pump design delivers clear advantages over all other pumps, including centrifugal, lobe, gear, progressive cavity, peristatic and piston/plunger technologies.


  • Quieter operation and a smaller footprint enable easier installation and service—the design can pay for itself in energy savings in under a year
  • Efficient, affordable drop-in replacement to reduce energy costs by up to 80% being competitively priced vs. AODD pump technologies
  • The only electric diaphragm pump that stalls under pressure, eliminating the need for pressure sensors and additional controls to prevent pump failures and reduce downtime
  • The integrated I/O allows for remote operation and speed control to minimise operator oversight
  • The smart control technology adjusts pump speed to aid in priming or prevent dry running cavitation that damages pumps
  • A plug-and-play installation for fast, easy and affordable transfer operations upgrades
  • Delivers clear advantages over other pumps, including centrifugal, lobe, gear, progressive, peristaltic and piston/ plunger technologies

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