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Repairs, Maintenance, Service and Spares since 2004.

Stevco Seals & Pumps Victoria was established with a clear mission to provide first class products, support and aftermarket service in pumps and mechanical seals.

We have selected products and aligned ourselves with leading manufacturers of high quality equipment to ensure we are able to offer our clients “best fit” solutions for all of their pumping & sealing needs.


In April 2022, Stevco Seals & Pumps Victoria was incorporated into the De.mem group which is on an expansion program to increase it’s market share in Australia. The De.mem Group can now service essentially the whole country with pumps, seals and water treatment options.

Providing Expert & Honest Service For Almost 20 Years

Our History

Stevco Seals & Pumps Victoria was founded in January 2004 by Rainer Wiemann and Steve Russell, in conjunction with the 3 directors from Stevco Seals & Pumps (NSW) as limited partners.

The business was established to supply and service pumps, pump systems, mechanical seals and related equipment.


The shares originally owned by the directors of Stevco Seals & Pumps (NSW) were later bought back by Steve Russell, Rainer Wiemann and Stevco Seals & Pumps Victoria.

Rainer Wiemann retired in November 2014 after selling his shares in Stevco Seals & Pumps Victoria to James Blannin.


Stevco Vic has continued to develop the array of products and services offered over the 17 years in operation by adding further premium brands of pumps & equipment and alternate sealing products including InproSeal to the range.


April 2022 saw the integration of Stevco Vic into the De.mem group which complimented their existing business model and allowed expansion into the Victorian market with water treatment product offerings.

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